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The Full Story



I am a veteran professional driver with more then 20 years driving. I have driven many types of equipment and had many types of runs from local building supplies to Over-the-road (from Quebec, CA. to Dallas, Tx.)

I also went to a trucking school. Unfortunately, I started in a school that is what people in the industry now call a "driver mill." Having gone through that, I have a passion to provide a better choice for obtaining your CDL.

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I moved to Deckerville in 2014 after meeting my wife (Sarah) we have 4 kids and two dogs. We enjoy spending time with our family. I have one brother (Dan) and one sister (Mandy) and my mom and step dad that live in Virginia. 


In 2016, I joined a great group of men and women on the Deckerville Fire Department. I graduated from fire academy in 2018 and obtained my MFR certification in 2021. I enjoy severing my community along side my sister-in-law (Monica) and friends.   

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Down Time 

I like to golf, sail, (I am a bit of a tech geek) and enjoy 3D printing. I also enjoy cooking and smoking food. I love to watch my kids play sports. 

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